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As the volume of data increases, storing it securely and cost-effectively has become mission-critical for businesses of every size. We offer the below storage solutions

Network Attached Storage (NAS):

Network attached storage device, NAS is an appliance that is built with hardware and software specialized for storage. NAS is the most cost effective option for small companies to set up and manage their data storage requirements. NAS can be a good option for a backup repository, data archival options as well as video surveillance capture.

Storage Area Network ( SAN):

A storage area network (SAN) solution connects an array of hard drives to a server and delivers data in small blocks instead of entire files, which makes it a good choice for companies with heavy email or database users. However, SAN solutions are a little more expensive and to manage than NAS devices. SSD drives and connectivity options are available to design the right storage solution for your business need.

Virtual Storage:

This option is good for growing companies that have multiple on-site servers, including NAS devices. Virtualized storage lets you combine multiple storage devices into a single, virtual storage resource. By assigning storage to users no matter where it’s located on the network, you can optimize server capacity and performance.


System crashes, viruses, natural disasters, hardware theft—any of these could result in damaging data loss. Cloud backup, the practice of making copies over the Internet for safekeeping, is the latest hot option for data protection. Cloud storage relieves you of the decision-making process and expense of buying hardware or choosing a physical off-site location. It’s a good solution for customer information, financial information, or any other business-critical data that requires absolute protection. You can also combine NAS and cloud backup for more comprehensive data protection.

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