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Block Of Time

Unlike typical support contracts, Block Of Time can be applied toward a wide variety of services over an unspecified period of time. There is no "use it or lose it" deadline, nor are there any terms that limit its use to certain types of services or products. All of the services provided by Khusela Solutions can be billed against the Block Of Time including remote support. If more time is needed than was initially contracted for, an additional Block Of Time can be purchased at the same discounted rate.

Time is accurately tracked for each use of the Block Of Time, and you receive a statement for each support activity, indicating the type of service performed, the amount of time used, and the time remaining under the current Block of Time contract. A Block Of Time is sold in 10-hour increments. You get more than 20% discount off of the average hourly rate if you buy one or more blocks.

Hours bought on the Block Of Time plan can also be used to cover URGENT (4-hour response time) or mission-critical EMERGENCY (2-hour response time) support calls, along with Standard non-critical calls. Hours will be deducted from the Block Of Time in relation to the response-time requested: Urgent responses are billed at time-and-a-half rates; Emergency responses are billed at double-time. Customers are not charged at the higher rate if the response-time is quicker than requested.


    Response Level        Maximum Response Time          Hourly Billing Ratio
 Standard  Regular scheduled appointment  1:1 (1 hour deducted per hour used)
 Urgent  Within 4 business hours  1.5:1 (1.5 hours deducted per hour used)
 Emergency  Within 2 business hours  2:1 (2 hours deducted per hour used)


Hourly rates pricing applies to normal business hours, Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM. Activities before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM, weekdays and on Saturdays, will be billed at 1.5 hours per worked. Work performed on Sunday & Holidays will be billed at double time.

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