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Cabling & Wi-Fi

If you consider that a typical Ethernet infrastructure will be in place for many years, as well as that critical technologies such as voice/telephone (VoIP), High POE (Power over Ethernet) and video surveillance (IP-based video) are now a major part of the LAN/WAN network infrastructure, it's more critical than ever to select the right infrastructure partner from the start. As a building owner or business owner you should understand the value of installing a cabling infrastructure where all of the components have been tested together. A solid cabling infrastructure reduces your total cost of ownership and should allow you to add, change or modify your existing cabling infrastructure with ease. It should also ensure integration with any computer and telephone system to allow for maximum interchangeability and flexibility.

We will install and test all Cat5E-Cat6E and Fiber infrastructure. You will always be guaranteed your cabling infrastructure will work to its specifications. We will design your cabling infrastructure for maximum efficiency, to installation thereof. We also offer the following cabling services: Indoor and Outdoor Cabling, Aerial and Underground Cabling, Rack and Cabinet Design and Installation, Installation and Testing, Documentation and Labelling, Equipment Installation, Wi-Fi design and installations, Wireless Security, Corporate Access & Guest Networks, Access Points & Antennas and Testing & Ongoing Support.

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