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Disaster Recovery

The most important phase of your disaster recovery plan should be to prioritize the important applications and systems that are critical to your business functioning during disaster. Ensure that you have a backup at all times across different platforms is a good security strategy. Cloud disaster recovery techniques could save you significant costs and Khusela will be able to find you the right cloud or hosted disaster recovery solution.

Khusela offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or with your Disaster recovery equipment hosted in our secure data center. Khusela operate our (DRaaS) or your physical servers by replicating your live environment to one of our Data Center facilities, we can do this as often as you require. This means that in the event your local office can't be used, we can get your entire IT environment fully operational from our secure Data Center, allowing your staff to access their applications and data via a cloud solution or move your physical equipment to another site.

When you use Khusela (DraaS) solutions which is not only very effective in terms of the time to recovery it also allows you to be very flexible with your planning in terms of resource. Staff can work from any internet connected PC. So you may choose to opt for a dedicated DR room, or you may choose simply to send everyone home to work for the duration of a 'disaster'.

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